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Cosplay Contest

Amazing crafters, builders, and master cosplayers will be here all weekend long. Be sure to drop by the Cosplay Corner to meet them and see their hard work.

Sign up for one of our cosplay contest at Cosplay Corner for a chance to win. Cash prizes to be won by first, second and third place winner of the Amateur Cosplay Contest & Craftsmanship Cosplay Contest!


Cosplay Schedule

Friday May 24th

5pm - Foamsmithing 101 with Oxley Cosplay

Want to learn about the basics of using Eva Foam In cosplay? In this Panel we will cover everything Foam. From planning, safety to construction and painting.

6pm - Amateur Cosplay Contest 13+

Come join us over at the Cosplay Corner for the amateur cosplay contest! You don’t have to have made it yourself, this is not about skill!

7pm - Cosplay Props - Start To Finish with Quelsie Cosplay

Are you new to prop making or just looking for a few extra tips and tricks? From commonly used materials and patterning, to assembling and painting, join Quelsie Cosplay as she goes over the essential steps to making your dream prop a reality.

7:45pm - A How-To Guide To Constructing The Perfect Princess Gown with Eillyboo

Join Eillyboo as she shows how to make screen-accurate replicas of our favourite Princess Dresses!

Saturday May 25th

1pm - Planning Your Cosplay with Quelsie Cosplay

So you've decided to cosplay, but unsure where to go from there? Join Quelsie Cosplay for a look into planning your next costume, from choosing your character to all the planning prep before you make it!

2pm - Craftsmanship Contest Pre-Judging

Applicants will have 3 minutes each for prejudging before the contest, held in a space that is to be determined.

3pm - Craftsmanship Cosplay Contest 13+

Join us in the Cosplay Corner for the Craftsmanship Contest! 90% or more of your cosplay should be hand crafted, and each contestant will be given time to show off your hard work!

5:30 - Intro Into Cosplay! With Oxley Cosplay

In this panel we will cover how to get your foot in the door to cosplaying. Picking your costume? Planning? Budget? And where to start! We will cover it all and have a good Q&A throughout.

Sunday May 26th

1pm - Kiddie Cosplay Contest (12 and under)

Join us for one last contest in the Cosplay Corner! This one is for the kids who enjoy cosplaying and want to show off their sick costumes!

3pm - Rookie Cosplayers: Learn the Easy Way with Eillyboo

Join Eillyboo as she teaches us about developing relationships between cosplayers and photographers and staying safe.

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